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Your choice of app developer is even more important as mobile solutions become increasingly important to corporate success. It might be exhausting to look for and evaluate prospective mates. For your evaluation, we have compiled a list of the best mobile app development businesses.


  1. Communication Crafts
  2. Zco
  3. Sigma Software Group
  4. Mutual Mobile
  5. AppTailors
  6. Saritasa
  7. Small Planet
  8. Zero Molecule
  9. ARCH
  10. Maven

Communication Crafts

With more than 16 years of practical experience, Communication Crafts offers cutting-edge digital transforming solutions to a prestigious clientele that spans industries and locations. All of your needs for technological advancement can be met here.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : CA, United States

Employees : 50 – 249


Since 1989, Zco has been at the forefront of technology. The company provides web, mobile, and animation services. The 200+ professionals make up a formidable team with exceptional and diverse proficiencies, with a main office in Nashua, New Hampshire, and a Boston office.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Nashua, NH

Employees : 250 – 999 employees

Sigma Software Group

With more than 1300 workers, Sigma Software is a software development partner. The company was established in 2002 and has offices worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Sweden, and Poland. With the development of software products and customized solutions, they assist clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Web and app development, digital transformation, big data, AI/ML, AR/VR, and IoT are all areas in which they are highly skilled.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Kyiv, Ukraine

Employees : 1,000 – 9,999 employees

Mutual Mobile

A development and digital goods company with its main office in Austin, Texas, and a branch office in Hyderabad, India is called Mutual Mobile. The company, which was founded in 2009, employs more than 170 people nationwide. Mutual Mobile provides UX/UI and product design in addition to mobile app, AR/VR, IoT, and web development.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Austin, TX

Employees : 50 – 249 employees

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In 2018, the Pozna, Poland-based mobile app agency AppTailors was established. With more than 10 members, they focus on IT strategy consulting and mobile app development for small firms in the business and financial services sectors.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : PoznaƄ, Poland

Employees : 10 – 49 employees


With additional offices in New York City, Russia, and Vietnam, Saritasa is a full-source software development company with its headquarters in Newport Beach, California. They were established in 2005 and have a staff of roughly 90 people who produce custom software, websites, mobile apps, internet of things (IoT), and AR/VR for largely mid-sized companies.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Newport Beach, CA

Employees : 50 – 249 employees

Small Planet

Small Planet is a mobile app development firm based in New York City that creates high-caliber mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, including 25 App Store Category #1’s. The close-knit team is based in Brooklyn, New York, and provides services for product management, consultancy, quality assurance, and user testing, as well as user experience (UX) and design for mobile and online, smart device and touchscreen development. In order to work on some fascinating AI-related initiatives, they also just established a Machine Learning Lab.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : New York, NY

Employees : 10 – 49 employees

Zero Molecule

Croatia’s Varazdin is home to Zero Molecule, an independent development company that was established in 2018. With no more than ten employees, they provide small businesses and major corporations with web development, mobile app development, and web design solutions.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Zagreb, Croatia

Employees : 2 – 9 employees


The design, development, and hosting of websites, mobile apps, and business systems are the areas of expertise of ARCH, a provider of digital solutions. Additionally, they have a wealth of experience with CMS, CRM, intranet, and e-learning platforms. They were established in 2005, have their main offices in London and Gateshead, and employ a staff of no more than 10 people.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Gateshead, United Kingdom

Employees : 2 – 9 employees


Maven is a software firm that was established in 2020 and has a maximum of 50 employees. From their office in Spanish Fork, Utah, they provide solutions for UX/UI design and custom software development. They collaborate with mid-sized and small agencies.

Service : Mobile App Development

Location : Spanish Fork, UT

Employees : 10 – 49 employees

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